CincyBrewCast Episode 15 – Live! At Old Firehouse

CincyBrewCastLogo2Maybe I’m coming from a slightly (or not so slightly) biased point here…but I think these live shows are where it’s at.  I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome it is to actually see people in the flesh who listen to the podcast on a regular basis.

Our fifteenth episode saw us taking the show on the road again…this time we made our way out to the village of Williamsburg, Ohio to the Old Firehouse Brewery where we sat down with owner Adam Cowan to dig into what makes this brewery tick.

Old Firehouse Brewery Logo 3inFrom The Beer Fridge…or Taps.

We always start our show with our tasting segment.  This week we all had flights from the current offerings at the Old Firehouse, and we had a quick chat with Adam about each of the beers:

  • FlashPoint IPA
  • Burning Bush Raspberry Blonde
  • Hoser Gose
  • The Nutty Pyro, a Maple Nut Brown

I think the consensus that we came to with our tasting was that there is nothing that Old Firehouse currently offers that will turn someone off, and there are a couple beers that you can find among their offerings that will help those drinkers who might be new to craft beer.

What Makes Them Tick?

We spent quite a bit of time talking about what makes the Old Firehouse what it is.  I’m always enamored by the way this brewery developed out of a serendipitous coming together of the perfect situations.  The firehouse almost “dropped into their laps” and quite a few pieces of the taproom memorabilia have been donated by their friends and fans.

We were able to get a good sense of this with our chat…the love for the community and what the brewery is able to provide for residents of the community means so much to these people, and it comes across so well in everything they do.

The Future Of The Old Firehouse

This is a building that has a past life associated with it.  It’s been a part of the community since it was built and it’s exciting to see that in it’s new life as a brewery it will continue to grow and serve that community (albeit in a different way).  The plans for the Old Firehouse’s expansion have been well publicized with this article from Jesse Folk earlier this week, and we discussed some of these plans, what it meant for how the brewery will grow and the difficulties and excitement that comes from the growth. (I will have a future post about their expansion after everything is finalized)

We also got the chance to talk about what beers might be in the pipeline, and learned about a Double IPA that they have coming, and some tentative plans for an Old Ale or Wee Heavy that might be on the way as well.  Adam gave us some insight on what might be going into the newest crop of Kickin’ Chicken Wild Turkey barrels as well as what is currently aging away (including some fun bottles for a distant future release)

The show was fun.  The people we got the chance to meet was even more fun.  I can promise you that you will see more of these shows in the near future… we actually have a couple on the calendar already, so stay tuned for some more details in the coming weeks!

As always, you can listen right here below, or you can subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher Radio.  You can tune in live via Periscope each week or make it out to one of our on location shows…we’d love to meet each one of you!



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