Cincy BrewCast Episode 20 – Scott LaFollette


The Founder’s Series #2 – Talking To Scott LaFollette

We returned this week to a theme that has always been part of the foundation of what we wanted to do with Cincy BrewCast…and we did it in a big way this week, rolling on for almost 2 hours!  We sat down with Scott LaFollette this week to talk about Blank Slate Brewing…where it started, where it is going, and even just some meandering thought about brewing and Cincinnati in general – but first of course – we drank!

BlankSlate-LogoFrom The Beer Fridge

We had a nice little selection of local beer to try on the show, starting out with a couple growlers that Mr.LaFollette brought for us to sample:

Talking About Blank Slate

Blank Slate is always a hot topic around beer circles in the city, and we were eager to jump in and talk to Scott about what makes this brewery tick.  After a quick refresher for people about where the brewery came from, we drifted to a long conversation about where he sees them going in the future.  Along with this topic came the biggest question on a lot of our minds, Will we see packaged beer?

We also wanted to touch on the things we are hearing about investors coming on to the project to facilitate growth, what does this mean for the overall soul of this brewery which thrives on the creativity of it’s owner?  Scott answered all these questions for us and more, leaving us all grinning with what anyone can say is one of our best interviews to date!

What Does It Really Mean To Open A Brewery?

Between Scott’s @BSBC_Janitor and Matt Rowe (MadTree)’s @LooseScrewBeers there are a few places in town to read about the day to day process of working in, or running a brewery, but we haven’t really heard in someones actual voice yet about this often unexpected life.  It was a pure pleasure to hear about some of the things that Scott faces on a day to day basis, that have nothing to do with crafting some of Cincinnati’s delicious beer.

This part of our conversation needs to be saved, and then handed out to every brewer that hopes to open in this city for eternity.

So… that’s the show this week.  You know how to find it at this point – right here, iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud.  Make sure you follow us on social media for updates on current and upcoming shows, next Sunday we are doing a live show from Braxton Brewing Company, so if you have yet to make it out to see what we do, live…it’s a perfect chance!   Thanks for listening…Cheers, and Be Gnarly!



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