CincyBrewCast Episode 22


The Wild, The Ginger, and The Bad Tom Shuffle

Another week, and another great show (although, I am admittedly biased about our show…) in the can.  This show topic came up partially organically with the happenings at Bad Tom Smith Brewing, and partially because our guest this week is also a loyal listener to our show each week on Periscope, and when he mentioned that he worked for a distributor, and had some new Ginger Beer he wanted us to try….well… we don’t often turn an offer like that down.

WildGingerLabelFrom The Beer Fridge

Lets start with the reason our wonderful guest, John Bent, came to join us on the Brewcast, Wild Ginger.  This is an alcoholic Ginger Beer that is produced by a company called “The Wild Ginger Brewing Company” out of Nashville and then contract brewed.  I was skeptical of what it was going to be like…because it seems like it might be a “macro disguised as a micro” type of drink, but was actually pleasantly surprised at how delicious this stuff is – so if Ginger Beer is your thing, I’ll back it up and say you should give it a try.  All in all…here’s what we were drinking this week:

  • Wild Ginger
  • Bad Tom Smith Brewing – All American IPA
  • Bad Tom Smith Brewing – Bad Tom Brown
  • Bad Tom Smith Brewing – Unnamed Imperial IPA

BadTom-LogoLets Talk About It… Bad Tom Smith

I feel like the supporters of Cincinnati’s Bad Tom Smith Brewery are beating a dead horse at this point.  I don’t know how else to encourage people to try the ‘new’ Bad Tom Smith… There isn’t any real way to critique what they are doing and to actually make up your mind than to go out there…pick up some of their beer and give it a fair shake.  You can listen to shows like ours where we try some of their beer, and talk about the brewery, expressing our opinions and thoughts about where they’ve come from, where they are, and where they need to go to succeed, but at the end of the day none of this really matters…

Go Try The Beer!

It’s the only way to really judge what’s going on.  They are having a grand opening of their taproom next weekend, so it’s a perfect opportunity to shed some of the thoughts you have been harboring about them, and form some new ones!

You can visit Bad Tom Smith on their website, or Facebook page to learn more about what they are doing – I will also try to keep you all updated right here on the website, of course.

CharlesSeligmanLogoDistribution… The Middle Tier

It’s not something that a lot of us beer drinkers talk about on a regular basis, but there is a very interesting world out there when you start to dig into the world of beer distributing.  Since our guest, John Bent, works for Charles Seligman Distributing in Kentucky it only made sense for us to pick his brain a little bit about how distributing works.  We wanted to get a little behind the scenes with it, to try to learn a bit about this part of the three tier system.

He didn’t disappoint, with some great information that has my brain churning about the topic.  You might even see some future posts about it here on the blog.  If you’re at all curious about Charles Seligman you can head over to their website and learn a little bit more about this family owned (they’re in their third generation of ownership) over at their website.

Coming Up on CincyBrewCast

Next week we are talking all about MadTree, they have their Summer Bonanza coming soon, and we want you all to know as much about it as possible!  Also on the horizon is the Brewcast’s first venture into the world of beer and cigars as we talk about pairing the two live from the Jungle Jim’s cigar festival in Fairfield.  We’re always looking at new show topics, so if you have anything you want us to talk about – fire away!  Thanks for Listening as always on iTunes, Stitcher and right here on!



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  1. Thank you Gnarly Gnome & Cincy Brewcast for the time spent with John Bent of our new Northern Kentucky Distributor, Chas. Seligman. Great person and wealth of knowledge on beer distribution.. Thank you for discussing Bad Tom Smith Brewing beers, the changes in managing of the brewery and the teaser on the Tap Room re-opening. Appreciate you guys giving us a fair chance. Look forward to being on the Cincy BrewCast in September – Bad Tom Smith

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