Cincy BrewCast Episode 24 – Smokin’


JJSCigarFestSmokin’, Live at Jungle Jim’s Cigar Festival

I know, I know… I can hear you already, through the computer screen.  What is a craft beer podcast doing at a cigar festival?  Have we lost our minds?  The truth is that we had been talking about a show similar to this for a long time, and when the opportunity came up…it just made sense.  We had a few different reasons.  First, we have a love for a fine, hand crafted cigar in the same vein that we do for a fine craft beer.  Second… we have a deep appreciation and love for Jungle JIm’s and for everything that they have done, and continue to do for the Cincinnati craft beer community.  Third… I have a major love and appreciation for the pairing of craft beer and cigars.  It’s a world that I’m still exploring, and I had a strong desire to share that with all you… hoping that there might be some people out there that are curious about it, but haven’t been sure where to start.

Finally… reason number four might be the best reason in my opinion…. It’s the internet, we can do what we want!

So, we set up shop at Jungle Jim’s cigar festival where we started out the show the same way we always do… we drank!

BrewCastCigarFestFrom The Beer Fridge

I know, I know… again with the crap through the computer screen.  We always have such a great selection of craft beer to drink during our weekly FTBF segment.  This week we found ourselves with a bit of a “limited” selection at the cigar festival.  It was pretty clear that there were only a few beer sponsors for the event, and we found ourselves sipping on a beer that most of us “beer people” might pass up in most situations.

Yuengling Black and Tan

I don’t want to get in the whole, “Craft or Not” argument today… but I understand the discussion.  What I will say is that it is pretty good for a situation such as this, and I actually enjoyed it.  There was lots of flavor while still being extremely easy to drink sitting in the warm sun outside with a light breeze blowing.  Most importantly about the beer…it went well with all our cigars!

JJSCigarFestUp In Smoke… Cigar Smoke.

I started my afternoon with the Perdomo Craft Series – Amber, and found that it worked pretty damn good with the Black and Tan.  Just as I started getting in to it… we were joined by our guests who brought a gift.  If you haven’t got a chance yet to try CLE/Asylum’s Dragon’s MIlk Cigar I plead with you to first listen to MIke’s take on it during the show, and then to rush out and get one of your own to try!  Awesome smoke, that doesn’t just go with a beer well, it rely’s on beer in it’s very creation…

Talking Stogies

So… this is why we do these live shows… we ended up with a fantastic conversation with humidor manager from the Fairfield store, Lee Wiessman and Tom Lazuka from CLE/Asylum which ran the full gamut from talking, of course, about the Dragon’s Mike cigar, and the fascinating process that creates these beauties, to some of the political battles that cigars companies face trying to keep their doors open here in the United States.  It opened the door to a world that we don’t often think about, and really provided some great content for a fantastic show.

Coming Up

Show 25 is a low key affair.  Our 25th show is going to have us talking about the last six months of the brewcast.  We’ll try some of our favorite beers that we’ve pulled from the fridge, we’ll talk about where we’ve been and where we’re going.  As most of you know, the show will be broadcast live on Periscope for all you die hard fans to tune in and lend your own voice to Cincy Craft!

So… great stuff for the cigar fans, and beer fans alike… although it may be a bit of a departure from our normal shows.  As always, you can listen to the show right here… iTunes, and Stitcher!



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