Braxton Brewing – The Heritage Series


BottlesDark Charge – Imperial Stout

Clocking in at 10% ABV and 42 IBUs, this thick dark Imperial Stout has been in the minds of the Braxton Brewing team since they opened their doors.  Finally, it’s time to let it out into the eager hands of thirsty Cincinnatian’s everywhere, the story behind the beer from the brewery says:

For the earliest folks living around Covington, Kentucky, the Ohio River was a crucial artery. Goods and services were made available via flatboat, connecting families and communities to the larger world. That’s how this region got its coal, for example the rich, dark diamonds that lit the lights, warmed the homes, and fired the power that built this city. We brew that spirit into this strong, dark Imperial Stout, aging it in barrels that give a lasting depth to the finish. From right here in the garage, on West 7th Street, we brew a stout bold enough to light a city.

Variants: Bourbon Barrel Aged (2015,2016)- Bourbon Barrel Aged with Vanilla (2015,2016)- Bourbon Barrel Aged with Starter Coffee (2015,2016)- Boubon Barrel Aged with Toasted Coconut (2016) – Bourbon Barrel Aged with Ancho Chilies, Cinnamon, Cocoa (2016) – 23 Year Old Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged (2016)

Bottle Release Date: 12/5/15 – 12/3/16

Kentucky HomeKentucky Home – Barrel Aged Golden Ale

First brewed in 2015 to celebrate the running of the Kentucky Derby, 2016 has brought us this fantastic barrel aged Golden Ale with mint addition to 22oz bombers.  The beer is reminiscent of a Mint Julep…but in it’s own (very delicous) way.  The beer is a very drinkable 4.8% ABV and 14.4 IBUs.

There’s magic in that moment. As the thoroughbreds stride from the paddock to the Post Parade the crowd rises, the familiar music begins, and together everyone sings “My Old Kentucky Home.” Yet that tradition, growing ever more beautiful by the year, isn’t the only one on that first Saturday in May. There are roses, Mint Juleps (oh, the Mint Juleps), and of course, the most exciting two minutes in sports. So let’s lift one to the traditions that make this Commonwealth uncommon. Enjoy this Kentucky Home, a smooth blend of our beer with a dash of Julep Bourbon and oak. They’re at the post…

Bottle Release Date: 4/22/16

Braxton Union SaisonUnion – Barrel Aged Saison

They brewed this, then stashed it away in some wine barrels for a year, before surprising us all by releasing it for the fourth of July.  These 22oz bottles were among (if not the) most limited bottles that we’ve seen so far, and were also among my favorites so far.

A beautiful harmony of our garage born Level Saison barrel aged in French Oak wine barrels for over a year. This one is unique. Union is one worth celebrating. This beer will be celebrated in three different versions (fitting for the 4th of July): Rouge, Blanc, and Bleu

Variants: Red Wine Barrel Aged, White Wine Barrel Aged, Blend of Red and White Wine Barrel Aged with Blueberries added.

Bottle Release Date: 7/1/16

rumbarrelsnowshovelRum Barrel Aged Snow Shovel

A year in Rum Barrels.  It’s pretty freaking impressive.  When the brewing team at Braxton first brewed this, it didn’t take much to show them that they needed to stash it away.  The search then started for a few rum barrels to make it all happen.  Now, here we are with a beer that will blow you away with deep, but complex flavors that pair perfectly with cool weather.

Rum Barrel-Aged Snow Shovel has turned into quite the project,” said Evan Rouse, Braxton Brewing Company Co-Founder & Head Brewer. “When the base beer was released last year it was very complex and had many layers. As a young brewery, we were still trying to build out a barrel-aging program. Snow Shovel was the perfect fit at this time. I have been anxiously awaiting this release since the team sat for barrel tasting a few weeks ago and we all agreed…it was time.

Bottle Release Date: 11/5/16



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