Cincy BrewCast Episode 29 – Homebrew Month!


I love Cincinnati breweries, but a truth that I don’t talk about often enough is that I really started my love, and understanding for craft beer with homebrewing.  It was brewing beer that got me to appreciate what this beverage can really be (especially in the hands of a professional).  Cincy Brewcast Episode 29 is the start of what we’re calling homebrew month, and while we’ll depart from the homebrewing theme a little bit over the next 4 weeks, we’re going to spend a lot of time diving in to all kinds of different aspects of home-brewed beer.

We are starting this week with homebrewers themselves…

The Homebrewers

We were joined in studio by Shayne Brammer and Adam Stone, who brew under their homebrewery names of ‘Blue Hen’ and ‘Big Slam Brewing’ respectively.  We got some stories about how they started homebrewing, why they homebrew and even a few tips for anyone who was thinking of starting themselves in this hobby.

There have been a lot of questions that we’ve heard with people questioning why a person would feel the need to brew their own beer, when we live in a city that is ripe with so many talented breweries already, and Adam and Shayne tackle this question with ease.

From The Beer Fridge

We started out tasting segment with a few homebrews, of course…

  • Big Slam Brewing – Two Pug Ale
  • Big Slam Brewing – Spontaneous SLAM
  • Youdee – Blue Hen Brewing
  • Pumpkin Ale – Brewer X (Long story… but he didn’t know we were going to try this, so we decided not to name him on the air)

But… we were still thirsty, so the segment continued with a few other “big hitters” that we had lying around…

  • Russian River – Pliny The Elder
  • JDub’s – Son of Yam
  • JDub’s – American Wild Barley Wine

This Week In Beer

We wrapped up the show with a massive version of This Week in Beer – you’ve read a little bit about it on here with the news of Fifty West’s coming expansion and the new growth from Fibonacci in Mt Healthy, but we also talk about some of the fantastic bottle and can releases that are coming as well in the Cincinnati beer world.

It was an action packed show that you have to give a listen to.  As always… just click below or head over to iTunes or Stitcher to give it a go!

Coming up…

Next week we depart a little bit from our homebrew theme as we have Urban Artifact and Ohio Valley Hops in the studio.  They’ve teamed up to release a fresh hop beer next week, and we’ll not only talk about it, but give it a taste on the air.  Join us, as things get wild and hoppy next week!



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