Cincy BrewCast Episode 30 – Blessid Union Of Hops


UA-OVHHopheads rejoice… we spent Cincy Brewcast episode 30 talking shop with Urban Artifact and Ohio Valley Hops about their collaboration for Urban Artifact’s fresh hopped Calliope, Grand Cru.  This wet hop ale redefines what a seasonal beer is for a lot of people who might not realize that wet hop ales belong in the fall just as much (if not more) than the pumpkin beers that we are so used to.  The show was a real treat for us, as not many people have had the chance at trying this beer yet, and the entire episode ended up mostly being a very long version of our favorite segment:

CBC-EP30From The Beer Fridge

We were joined in the studio by the incredible brew team of Bret Kollman-Baker and Josh Elliot from Urban Artifact along with Dave and Nina Volkmann from Ohio Valley Hops while we tasted:

  • Urban Artifact – Fresh Hop Calliope (of course!)
  • Urban Artifact – Chariot, Tart Cherry Gose
  • Urban Artifact – Maize, Kentucky Common
  • Urban Artifact – Hearth, Wild Dark Ale

I can’t even express enough how much of a home run this ‘From The Beer Fridge’ segment was.  These were four beers that blew us all away in terms of quality, and the jovial nature of the show really expresses that better than my words here could.

We talked during the tasting segment with Dave and Nina about the process of getting these hops from the ground to our beer glasses, and really got a glimpse into the mind of these hop growers, finally getting to see the final product of what they have spent so many hours growing.

Speaking with the brewer’s we learned a lot about the difficulties of using fresh hops in a beer… the things that they’ll try differently next time, and the things that they thought went well with this beer.

MillerCoorsThis Week In Beer

We wanted to talk a little bit not only about House Bill 68 (the Ohio bill to raise the abv cap) but more about the response we felt when we all read the testimony by local brewery Miller-Coors in Trenton.  What came from that was a discussion that I’m sure a lot of us have had over a few beers before… what are the merits of macro beer?  Are macro beer consumers going to get “confused” by higher abv beers?  Does our market need high ABV beers to compete with other states and beer markets?

This was a discussion that I think we could spend an entire show discussing, and the added opinions of a couple local brewers in studio made it extremely interesting to me…

Coming Up

We are still in Homebrew month, and next week, we’re going to be talking about styles, and how they relate to homebrewing and competitions.  We’re going to be joined in studio by homebrewers who are familiar with the competition process and we’ll talk a bit about how styles relate to this process vs sitting down in your favorite taproom for a pint.

As always, you can listen to the show right here, or iTunes, or Stitcher – If you haven’t been tuning in to our live broadcasts on Periscope…you should do that, it’s a blast in my completely biased opinion – follow us to see when we are live (usually Monday nights at 8) @CincyBrewCast @TheGnarlyGnome and to everyone who has been sticking with us week after week, Thank You!



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