Cincy BrewCast Episode 31 – Don’t Judge Me!


We’re still going strong in our homebrew month theme, and in episode 31 we’re tackling a topic that I have never been involved with personally – competition.  When we first started drawing up plans for the show and I was thinking about how to approach this entire conversation, there was one thing that kept jumping out at me that I wanted to cover.  The BJCP and style guidelines fascinate me.  It’s not a need to limit beer that brings us these beer styles, but a need to give a standard for judging beer.  I was curious to see why some local people decide to take their beer to competitions, so we called up a couple friends and had them join us to talk about competitions and beer and beer judging.  We were joined by Evan Rouse of Braxton Brewing in studio and Jody Grenert via the “hopline”.

CBC-Episode31From The Beer Fridge

It’s hard to talk about beer, without drinking beer – so we had a nice little selection for us to sip on while we talked…

  • Braxton – Level Saison
    • This was exciting.  Evan brought this treat with him… with it being a sneak peek of what they were going to be unveiling this Friday.  You can read a bit more about it here.
  • Shane Brammer – Grounds for Divorce – Homebrew
  • Shane Brammer – Argentine Blonde – Homebrew
  • Shane Brammer – Goose Gossage Gose – Homebrew

BraxtonBrewingCo - 1Talking About Competition

We are not as familiar with this side of home brewing as some of our dedicated listeners might be, so we thought it might be fun to really discuss the process a little bit with people who understand this world much better than we do.  We tackle some of the questions that we kept coming back to, like “Why compete?” – “How exactly does a competition work?” – “What really is the purpose of beer styles?”  It ended up being a great conversation with Evan and Jody, which really got me thinking about the role that styles play in homebrew vs the role that “styles” might play in commercial brewing.

Talking To Evan From Braxton

Since we had him on the show…it only made sense to talk to Evan a little bit about what’s going on with Braxton – we heard a little bit about some of the fantastic beer that we’re going to be seeing from the young brewery in the coming months, along with picking his mind about where he sees this Cincinnati beer scene going in the near future as well.  It’s always nice to catch up with Braxton brewing, and hearing the opinions of one of what I consider, the most talented brewers in the city.



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