Cincy BrewCast Episode 32 – Clubbin’ With the Locals


As homebrew month continues strong in the Cincy Brewcast studios, we invited some homebrewers from local homebrewing clubs the NKY Homebrewer’s Guild and the Bloatarians.  Jon Covey and Eddie Unterreiner were our representatives from south of the river, while “Hark Johnny” joined us from the Ohio side.  The conversation quickly jumped off to talking about homebrew clubs but Cincy Brewcast Episode 32 wouldn’t really be an episode of the brewcast without our first and favorite segment:

From The Beer Fridge

We started out the segment with a couple local offerings from Triple Digit and Madtree, and wound it down with the homebrew that Tina has been working on for the last few weeks.

  • Triple Digit/ Hoppin’ Frog – Stuff
  • MadTree – Blood Orange Psychopathy
  • Tina Cisneros Homebrew – Bucket Mouse

Throughout the show, we also sampled quite a bit of homebrew that was brought to us by Hark Johnny, and although it might not have technically been part of “From the Beer Fridge” there was some fantastic stuff that we had the chance to sample, including a Brett focused Farmhouse Ale that blew my mind.

Clubbin’ With The Best of Them

Our conversation about homebrew clubs ranged from why people might want to join a club, to how to choose a club and even a bit about how different “meetings” will run depending on which club you might find yourself taking part in.

We also talked about how a homebrew club might be perfect for someone who has never brewed before, along with how someone who has been brewing for a long time might even benefit.  The wealth of knowledge that is held by the homebrewer’s of the Cincinnati area is ripe for the picking… the guys made it extremely clear that they welcome new members, the meetings/brew-outs are designed to be welcoming for someone new and open for anyone to learn as much as they can.

Beer School

We’ve been talking about homebrewing for the last several weeks, and had yet to tackle the topic of how to homebrew… this week’s beer school had Tina teaching everyone all about the process, the ingredients, and then we even talk about some of the hurdles that a new home brewer might run into on their first brew day.



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