Cincy BrewCast Episode 33 – Brewing in Paradise… LIVE!


What better way to wrap our inaugural homebrew month than with a trip to one of our city’s own homebrew store/ brewery hybrids.  We set up shop in the corner of Paradise brewing’s taproom to talk about homebrewing… commerical brewing… and to drink some beer with our friends!  Cincy BrewCast Episode 33 was a great one, before you listen to it, here’s what you can expect…

From The Beer Fridge Tap

With a constantly revolving tap list, that features creative takes on some clones of popular beers as well as some fantastic classic styles and homebrew favorites… you really never know what you’re going to get when you step foot in Paradise.  We had a great line-up to taste and talk about:

  • Wrath of the Tzar – Imperial Stout
  • The Waffler – Belgian Saison
  • Ol’ Nutcracker – Olde Ale with brown sugar and maple syrup
  • Angry Jack’s Pumpkin Amber #1 (All Grain)
  • Angry Jack’s Pumpkin Amber #2 (Extract w/ grains)

Taking a trip to Paradise

There is really no place like Paradise… and I’m talking about Paradise brewing, on Beechmont Ave.  They are one of a kind… selling supplies for homebrewers to make their own beer, while providing an awesome little taproom for people who just want to drink great beer.  One of their distinguishing factors is that most of what they put on tap is available in kit form in their store for you to try yourself.

They love to talk shop… about beer… about brewing about Cincinnati’s growing beer scene… whatever topics might come up in the taproom.  So, that’s exactly what we did on the show.  We also tackled the rumors of their upcoming plans for expansion!

One of the more fascinating topics we covered was their “Great Pumpkin Experiment of 2015” which had them taking two massive pumpkins and using them as fermenters… like… literally putting beer inside a pumpkin, and fermenting it inside the gourd.  Who does that?  It’s so crazy it’s brilliant.  And the beer tasted amazing.  You can see some photos of their experiment on their Facebook page.

Cincy Beer Brats

We were also joined for this fantastic live show extravaganza by Chef Antonio from Cincy Beer Brats.  He was serving up some of his fantastic food, the Bay of Bengal infused beer brats in honor of the 7-0 Bengals.  He joined us for a majority of the show as well, offering his brilliant commentary along with filling our stomachs with food.

Along with the Chef, we had a Surprise guest in the form of brewer and friend of the show Ben Ramsey from The Old Firehouse in Williamsburg stop by to say hi, so of course we wrangled him on a microphone for a few minutes to talk about all the things going on with them!

Coming Up…

We have some nice shows coming up soon, we’ll be talking to Rivertown Brewing about their taproom expansion… and we have an interesting “Light Beer Taste Test” coming in a couple weeks that could be pretty interesting.  We’re also working on a couple more live shows to end out the year, one of which being a MASSIVE holiday show featuring some great friends of the show, trivia games, charity raffles and more.  We’re going to end 2015 with a bang… so stay tuned!



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