Cellar Dweller Cellar Blues

Brewery- Cellar Dweller
Beer- Cellar Blues
Style – Blonde Ale
ABV- 4.9%
IBU- 20

A refreshing light ale for anytime of year, this easy drinking beer is perfect for friendly family gatherings.

Blonde Ales can often be seen as “gateway beers” or just a necessary evil to a brewery to always keep… only to appease those who are “new to craft beer”.  I can’t beg you hard enough to put these thoughts out of your mind.  Blonde Ales might not have the big hop punch that IPA lovers crave, and they might not have the massive flavors that someone who leans towards Imperial Stouts is wanting.  But that doesn’t mean you should skip right past their delicate hop presence and lightly sweet crackery body.

This is one of the beers from Cellar Dweller that has been around for what seems like forever, and there is a good reason!

My Thoughts On Cellar Dweller Cellar Blues

Cellar Blues is a fantastic example of the style.  Perfect for a hot summer day sitting outside with friends on the patio.  It’s not a beer that will knock your socks off with some crazy off the wall flavor…but there are times where that is exactly what you want and need in your beer.  The beer is dry with a nice citrusy finish to it, crisp… clean… light.  This is refreshing in the finest sense of the word.

If you see this.  Buy this.  Drink this.  It’s ok to drink a blonde ale even if you aren’t “New to craft beer…”





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