Cincy Brewcast Episode 38


From The Darkness of the Cellar

On the heels of a great night a couple weeks ago at Cellar Dweller in Monroe that they were calling The Brewer’s Roundtable – we wanted to get a few brewer’s together on Cincy Brewcast Episode 38 to have a chat about some of the same topics, and even some new ones.  We were joined in studio by Steve Shaw from Cellar Dweller, Eric Bosler from the soon to open Darkness Brewing.  Later in the show we were joined by Sean Willingham from Hamilton’s soon to open Municipal Brew Works.  But… as you should be well aware, first, we drink!

From The Beer Fridge

  • Darkness Brewing – Hophead Nebula (Test batch… this name might change)
  • Cellar Dweller – Hopewell’s Oatmeal Stout
  • Cellar Dweller – Christmas Ale
  • Cellar Dweller – Bigfoot Run DIPA
  • Cellar Dweller – Blueberry Gose
  • Municipal Brew Works – 1791 Belgian Stout (It’s another test batch)

Episode38Bitching With The Brewers

We wanted to get the opinions of a few local brewer’s about some topics such as saturation in the Cincinnati beer market (or lack of saturation) – The need or not so much need of our state to raise the ABV limit for beer – the proliferation of beer rating apps and websites, and wether or not anyone really cares about what those or us who use them actually think.  What is success for a local brewery?  How do they all define success… especially those that are getting ready to open.

It was a fantastic conversation that ran the gamut of topics.

The New Breweries

With two of our guests being brewers that are getting ready to open their breweries, we had to talk a little bit about the progress and plans of both Darkness Brewing and Municipal Brew Works.  The excitement of a new brewery is hard to deny in a city like Cincinnati (or the surrounding cities as it might be) and it’s always fun to take part in some of that hype (and why it’s warranted).  This was a fantastic show, and a must listen!



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