Cincy Brewcast Episode 39


The Midnight Special

Another week… another show!  Cincy Brewcast Episode 39 might have been prerecorded this last week…but it’s still here for you to enjoy!  We were joined this week by a bevy of brewers, Steve Shaw (Cellar Dweller), Eric Bosler (Darkness Brewing) and Sean Willingham (Municipal Brew Works) to record a second show in one night.  We started our discussion with a kickstart, from our favorite segment:

From The Beer Fridge

We wanted to dig into a style that a lot of people have been discussing lately and that still so many people haven’t gotten a chance to try!  Golden Stout.

We Tried:

  • Rhinegeist: Penguin
  • Jackie O’s: White Apparition

All in all, the consensus across the table is that both beers were fantastic.  Lots of coffee and chocolate flavors in a couple lighter packages than you’d expect.  Do I consider either of these “stouts” – no.  But they are really freaking good beers!  I’m really excited to see what other breweries start to do with this style as time goes on and it becomes a little more popular and commonplace.

And since we were thirsty:

  • Cellar Dweller – Blueberry Gose

This Community and Beyond

Since we had head brewers from upcoming and current breweries we thought we’d dig into some of the things that we love about this craft beer community as well as some of the things that we don’t like as much.

We tackled the ever popular topic of beer rating websites, and checking in of beers, looking into some of the good and bad things that these sites can do for your favorite local breweries.  It might have been a late night for the brew cast crew…but it’s a fantastic show!

Coming Up!

If you have yet to hear… this week also marks the first ever Holiday Extravaganza!  We’re holding the event this year at Covington’s Braxton Brewing company.  The show will be live, and we’ll have all sorts of fun raffles and silent auctions.  We’ll have all kinds of fun for the family, and if you haven’t made it out to one of our live events, this is the perfect opportunity!  See the event on Facebook here, and be there!



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