MadTree Rubus Cacao

MadTree Rubus CacaoBrewery- MadTree
Beer- Rubus Cacao
ABV- 7%
IBU- 12

Sweet chocolate notes lead as raspberry tartness follows in unison resembling a perfectly executed dance.  The result is a blend of flavors even more spectactular together than apart.  It’s love at first sip.

I’m not sure if this is really a beer meant for Valentines Day…but I love it like it was.  MadTree has managed to craft something pretty spectacular with Rubus Cacao.  When they first brewed this up in the winter of 2014, it was a smash hit in the taproom.  As it made its way around town people started clamoring more and more for this delicious beer and in 2016 we finally are getting our wish to stock our beer fridges with it’s harmonious deliciousness.

The beer pours a very nice dark brown color with a big, healthy tan head perched on top.  Your nose immediately shouldn’t have trouble picking up the Raspberry aromas drifting from the glass and your first sip brings a wonderful tart Raspberry flavor that finishes in a sweet milky chocolate aftertaste, provided by local chocolatier, Maverick Chocolate.  This is a fantastic beer, full bodied and flavored, but still remains drinkable and refreshing.  A desert beer that would make other desert beers jealous!


Rubus Cacao



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