Cincy Brewcast Episode 46 – Mike Dewey from Mt. Carmel


The Godfather of Cincy Craft

When you mention Cincinnati, and this craft beer scene that we are all enjoying.  It’s really hard to look back 10 years ago when Mike and Kathleen Dewey opened up their doors for business.  Our craft breweries were not just few and far between, they were non-existent.  It’s hard to say that our city has become what it is because of Mt. Carmel brewing company, but it’s pretty easy for me to say that it’s formed how it has partly because of the brewery’s influence on a lot of people.  Cincy Brewcast Episode 46 is all about the past, and the future of Mt. Carmel, one of Cincinnati’s oldest operating craft breweries.

From The Beer Fridge

When Mr Dewey came strolling into the studio with an armload of beer in a Coffee Brown six pack holder, I got excited.  I’m pretty much in love with their Coffee Brown… A beer that puts coffee front and center in it’s flavor profile.  One of the first beers I think I’d ever had that made that attempt.  (You can read about that beer if you’d like) However, once I learned that the beer he had in that six pack wasn’t actually coffee brown, I got really excited.  He brought some killer stuff that I haven’t gotten to try yet, which is always fun.

Of course, not to be bad hosts, I brought along a bottle too to share with our guest.

  • Quaff Brothers/Blank Slate/De Struise – Space Taxi Barrel #21

MtCarmelTalking Mt. Carmel

I’ve got an unending fascination with Mt Carmel.  I can’t figure out exactly how they do it, but they manage to grow, and keep up with today’s quickly changing beer drinkers while still staying true to who they are, and who they want to be at the very core of it all.  This is no easy feat for a brewery that prides itself on it’s ability to feel small, “quaint”, maybe off the beaten path.

We had to dig in a little bit with Mr. Dewey while we had him in studio and pick his brain a little bit about how they’ve managed to accomplish this for the last 10+ years, and how they plan on maintaining that as Cincinnati’s beer landscape changes so dramatically from month to month.

It’s a great conversation when you compare the voice and opinions of someone who’s been at this for as long as Mt. Carmel has with the minds and ideas of a brewery that’s started up in a world of fast growth, taprooms being legal and a brewery community that is evolved and thriving.

We talked a lot about what types of beer we’d see from them in the future… What philosophy has driven the new branding that I talked about the other day… We even pushed a little for some more details about what new things we might see from the brewery this summer as the crowds flock to the farmhouse to have a beer on their famous patio.

Look…this show is a really good one.  I would probably tell you that even if it wasn’t, since I might be a little biased… But you need to give it a listen!  You should actually share it around with all your friends as well – we’ve got some big things happening behind the scenes that should give you guys more opportunities to listen to the show, and interact with it as well… Stay Tuned!



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