Cincy Brewcast Episode 48 – Bockfest!


bockfest2016Bockfest? Bockfest.  Bockfest!

It’s that time of year in Cincinnati… Time to put away your hoppy IPAs for a little bit, celebrate the coming spring and drink some fantastic bock beers from all our favorite breweries around Cincinnati.  Cincy Brewcast Episode 48 was always planned to be a show dedicated to Bockfest, but due to some last minutes changes, we ended up in the Christian Moerlein Malt House, alone in it’s echo cavern of a taproom talking about bock beer, and Bockfest… And it seemed like it was just meant for us to have the show there… First up…

From The Beer Fridge

We had a couple really great bock beers, both award winners in different realms…

  • Christian Moerlein – Emancipator Dopplebock
  • Braxton Brewing – Ignitor Maibock

Two amazing different bock beers, that both fit their roles as Bocks fantastically.  We tasted the beer, and then dug in a whole bunch with our guests… We were joined by:

  • Steve Hampton (From the OTR brewery district)
  • Tom Hull, head brewer from Christian Moerlein
  • Jake Rouse, co-owner from Braxton Brewing Company

Talking About A Bunch Of Parties

Our conversation started with the general side of bock beer, but it quickly jumped into the trio of parties that each of our guests are part of.

  • Christian Moerlein is hosting their anniversary party 13/162
  • Braxton Brewing’s First Anniversary Party in March
  • Bockfest, happening the first weekend of March.

Three parties, all very different, and all very much about the same thing… Cincinnati Beer.  It was great to see the different personalities that each of these events is going to take on, and I hope to see everyone at at least a couple if not all the events!

The show turned out fantastic… With it being our first actual broadcast via YouTube (you’ll hear more about that in the coming weeks as we get it all going strong…so stay tuned). As always, thanks for listening!



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