Tap & Screw Opening Second Location

TinyTapAndScrewIn fantastic surprise news, I’m just finding out this morning that one of the areas craft breweries is expanding in a different (and extremely smart in my opinion) way.  Tap & Screw will be opening a second location as early as this summer to supplement their current brewpub location.

The brewery is the first to open on the city’s West Side, and has releasing beers such as their Dubbel called ‘Irony’ and their IPA called ‘Dr. Kool’ since December of 2014.  The brewpub also serves food, creating a much needed haven for craft beer fans in that part of town to grab a bite to eat, along with some freshly brewed craft beer… and while their new location will keep the same ideas at heart, it’s location promises to bring a completely different aspect to the Tap & Screw arsenal.

They’re opening in Oakley.

That’s right, when the new location opens it’s doors it will be right in the heart of the same neighborhood as MadTree’s new location will be… this means craft beer fans will be able to walk from the new Tap & Screw in the heart of Oakley Square, down to the new MadTree location, or vice versa, creating some great traffic of craft beer fans for T&S.  What is also really interesting about this announcement is that they have announced that in addition to the new space, they have hopes to open two or three more brewpubs around the area in the future, creating a first for Cincinnati’s growing craft scene, a local brewpub chain.

The New Space

From their description, it sounds like the new location will have a plethora of charm, that so many of Oakley’s residents love about their neighborhood.  The brewery says the new space is in a Tudor-style building, with oak floors, high ceilings, leaded glass windows and “classic old woodwork”.  They will also be creating a small outdoor beer garden for those warm drinking days.  The brewpub itself will have room for around 170-200 seats when all is said and done.

Current head brewer Adam Lorenz will be heading up the new space as well, with most of the beers being created in Oakley being small batch, or specialty beers that can be supplemented by the beer that is being made out at the westside location.

Of course…keeping true to what Tap & Screw is about, the new location will be a brewpub as well, with their beers being paired with a menu of food, though they plan on a smaller menu of 8-10 different items in Oakley.


I’m not going to tell you a definite date… as well all know how this stuff works.  With a big “ISH” the brewery has said that the opening could be as soon as July of this year, completely dependent on local, state and federal approvals as well as some of the needed renovations to the building.

So… make sure you keep your ear to the ground, and by the ground I mean right here, for updates on dates and all the other information you could want about this exciting growth for our local beer scene!



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