Cincy Brewcast Vol2 Episode 2 – The Anniversaries


Cincy Brewcast Vol2 Episode 2 brought us on location to Urban Artifact to talk to them about their upcoming first anniversary party, along with a couple parties that had just happened around town as well.

Turning One

It’s hard to believe that some of the breweries that we feel like we’ve “grown up with” on the Brewcast are turning one right now… along with celebrating Urban Artifact, we were fresh off Braxton’s incredible party a couple weekends back, and Taft’s big bottle release party that same morning as our broadcast.

They’re all very different breweries, doing things very much in their own ways, but with one thing in common, and that’s some really incredible beer.  We wanted to talk about how the different parties went, as well as sitting down with Urban Artifact’s Bret Kohlmann Baker and Scotty Hunter to see how their big birthday bash would measure up to what is some big shoes to fill.

The Future For Urban Artifact

Along with talking about the year that has come and gone in what seems like a blink of an eye, we wanted to get a little feel for where Urban Artifact would be headed in their second year.  They wanted their fans to know that packaging is coming, but they’re at the mercy of the barrels (their packaged releases will start off with their traditional barrel aged sours).

Their big anniversary beer is almost ready, called Perpetuum, it’s a Solara (I’ll be talking a lot more about that in the very near future…so stay tuned)

I can’t wait to see what other surprises that this young brewery has in store for us in the next year…it’s hard to imagine.



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