MadTree PSA

MadTree-PSABrewery- MadTree
Beer- PSA – Proper Session Ale
ABV- 4.5%
IBU- 30

PSA was designed to be just that, a Public Service Announcement that craft beer can be both thoughtful and approachable. You may choose to dissect the abundance of citrus, dank, and tropical fruit flavors or to simply enjoy the proper balance between malt sweetness and body that PSA delivers. Either way, you bring the friends. We’ll bring the beer. Spread the word.


After a long line of experimental session ales, hoping to get the mix just right, when MadTree finally released PSA it was pretty clear that they knocked it out of the park.  This is everything that a session ale should be, and so much more!

The beer pours a beautiful coppery color with a thin and active white head bubbling at it’s crown.

It makes it’s presence known first with a bright, fresh fruity citrus aroma, full of lemon, and some orange notes as well….behind it all is a grassiness that reminds me of a spring afternoon.

When you taste it though, you’re blessed with a big fresh bite of grapefruit and floral notes, dancing on top of a mild sweetness that balances the bitter bite out wonderfully.  The grassiness that was in the aroma hides itself in the background, only popping it’s head out for a moment to keep it all in line.  Wonderful beer, and amazingly flavorful for the lower ABV.

MadTree-PSA - Label




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