Blank Slate, The Biggest Thing In Cincy Craft Until The Next Biggest Thing In Cincy Craft

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It’s been a little while since we had the chance to sit down with Blank Slate’s Scott LaFollette, and we’ve never gotten the chance to do it on his “home turf” – the Blank Slate Pourhouse.  Wednesday seemed like the perfect night to do it.  It marked the first wednesday that the taproom would be open, and right on the heels of their big expansion and the release of their line of cans – it was clearly time.

BlankSlate-LogoFrom The Beer Fridge

You know us, and you know this show – we like to drink first.  Scott Poured us a flight of four of the neatest beers that I can imagine:

  • Pilsen Mosaic – a clean, crisp, fruity Kolsch made with Pilsner malt.
  • Saison De 513 – This collaboration for Beer Week showcases peppers, without the heat.
  • Turn For The Wurst – Sausage Spiced Oktoberfest?  It’s amazing…
  • Spectral Fire – Hot Sauce, Wood, Saison… way better than you’d think for a beer that sort of tastes like hot sauce.

You really never know what sort of spins on traditional styles Blank Slate is going to have on tap!

Talking About Cincinnati

The Cincinnati beer scene changes very fast lately.  This was the topic that I really wanted to dive into with Scott.  How does a brewery not only stay relevant, but continue to gain new fans and continue to evolve?

I was really curious to hear from a place like Blank Slate, because of their new neighbors (Streetside Brewing) who are just now opening up down the street.  Does this create more competition, or does it actually help Blank Slate battle the competition from other neighborhoods around town?

Are things really still sunshine and rainbows for our local breweries?



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