Cincy Brewcast – Live from the 19th Hole!

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I don’t think you’re supposed to admit when you aren’t happy with how something turned out – but I don’t typicallly do things the way that you’re “supposed” to do them… so I’ll tell you I’m not happy with this show.  It was LOUD.  Such is the life of a live, on location traveling podcast, though… so we trucked on with the show.

The Brewer’s Open

The Brewer’s Open is a charity golf outing, an annual event that benefitted Prokids.  The day was spent drinking beer, playing golf, eating food – it was pretty awesome.

The event wrapped up in the evening with the 19th hole tasting celebration, where breweries set up tables to pour their beers for thirsty golfers.

The Show

We used the opportunity to snag a few people in the room to chat.  We were lucky enough to find a few familiar faces amongst the crowd:

  • Jonathan Gandolf – Braxton Brewing Company
  • Brian Yavorsky – FigLeaf Brewing Company
  • The Old Man – He’s… well… he’s the old man.
  • Tony Meyer – DogBerry
  • Chef Tony – The creator of the event, also the brilliant man behind Cincy Beer Brats.

We meandered around, talked about what everyone has going on, drank a couple tiny little beers – fought the music…. it was a show.  I promise that I’ll make up for it next week!  We’re headed out to Cincy Craft Pioneers, Great Crescent in Aurora Indiana to sit down and have a chat with them – rest assured, we’ll do this one up right!



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