Volume 2 – Episode 30 – Live From Great Crescent Brewing Company

If you haven’t been out to the taproom at Great Crescent Brewing Company – you’re doing yourself a major disservice.  I know that there are a lot of new breweries, a lot of super popular places, and a ton of really great beers for you to try to keep track of, but this place is going on 8 years now.  They’re one of the true pioneers of Cincy craft beer, and are doing some really fantastic things.

No worries, though… we did an entire show dedicated to the brewery, their story…their past, present, future…. all of it.  Now you can listen and maybe convince yourself of more reasons that you need to make the short drive out!

Great Crescent Brewing CompanyFrom The Beer Fridge

A brewery is very little without the beer – which is probably why we love starting this show off with a tasting segment that we call “From The Beer Fridge” this week saw a few different things that we were more than happy to explore with owner/brewer Dan Valas:

  • Great Crescent – Cherry Ale
  • Great Crescent – Dark Lager
  • Great Crescent – Bourbon Barrel Aged Coconut Porter

Of course… the entire time I was sipping on a few different beers also.  This is one of those shows that we could have dedicated hours just to the beer, and the stories behind the brews… however, we had a lot of ground to cover!

The Story of Great Crescent

We had a long talk with Dan Valas about the history of Great Crescent, everything from the business, to the building that they are located in, the beers themselves and why the brewery pulled back on their distributing in the last year or two.

There is a million reasons that you need to make it out to Aurora, and I think Dan did a fantastic job of explaining most of them.  At the end of the day, he’s making really great beer for the right reasons.  The brewery might not have a massive marketing budget as he was quick to point out…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing things the right way!



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