Cincy Brewcast – Volume 2, Episode 32 – Big Cis Brewcast

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Mike Cisneros started Cincy Brewcast with an idea of bringing the brewers, the owners and the beer to this city via the digital airwaves.  He came to me to see if I wanted to help him make the dream happen, and 80 something episodes later, the dream just grows.  Even as I’ve ‘Taken the reins of the show’… it’s still guided by the vision that Mike first shared with me over a pint of beer at Mt Carmel that first night that I met him.

We knew that when we lost Mike we needed to do something to commemorate him, and all he did to champion this city’s craft beer scene.  I could have never anticipated how this city would rally behind the cause, though.  Not only did everyone come though in getting his memorial bench installed at the Cincinnati Nature Center, they pulled together with the help of People Pints and Purpose to craft a commemorative beer that would have made the big guy pretty damn happy.

Big CisBig Cis

This show was about a lot of things, but it also marks the tapping of Mike’s beer.  Mike was a lover of a super traditional, crisp, clean, delicious Pilsner. So when Braxton, Alexandria, Fibonacci, Rivertown, MadTree and Bad Tom Smith all came together and wanted to help by making a collaboration beer – it was pretty clear what the beer would have to be.

Big Cis is just what Mike would have wanted, all Pilsner malt, Saaz hops – and it’s a perfect pilsner if I’ve ever tasted one.  Super simple, super difficult – I wish I could save this beer to crack open at the start of every single episode of this show from now on.

The Party

We tapped the beer at Braxton in the most grand way we could possibly imagine, inviting all our friends, and putting on a live brewcast charity event that blew everything we’ve ever done to date away.  Not only did we raffle off more than 20 gift baskets for Mike’s favorite charities, but Braxton donated a dollar from every pint of Mike’s beer sold, and Mario Pastura made some really killer t-shirts that also had proceeds donated.

We did really well.  This is going to be the biggest charity donation that our show has been a part of so far, and I know that it’s something that Mike would have loved to see.

The Brewcast

We put on a crazy, hectic show for the event.  We grabbed as many of our friends as we could manage from around the room, to talk with them and catch up on what’s been going on in their respective breweries.  We talked to Evan Rouse, the folks from ‘Have a Drink Show’ (another killer podcast that you need to check out), Andy Reynolds from Alexandria Brewing Company, Bob Bollas from Fibonacci, Brandon Hughes from Nine Giant, Scott LaFollette from Blank Slate, and then a fun game show with Mike at Matt Stokes from Cincy Brew Bus.

It’s just what a brewcast is supposed to be – hectic, chaotic, fun.

So get down to Braxton while it’s on tap, and get yourself a Big Cis Pilsner to drink, while you listen to this weeks episode!




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