Christian Moerlein Pacer

Brewery – Christian Moerlein
Beer – Pacer
Style – Pale Ale
ABV – 5%
IBUs – 40

Pacer packs an explosive punch of citrus aromatics and tropical fruit flavors backed by an easy-drinking pale body. Slight herbal notes are complemented by a burst of grapefruit and melon from an abundant dry-hopping of Citra hops, creating a pale ale that sets the pace.

First debuting on draft as a test batch at the Lager House, Pacer fired its way onto shelves across Cincinnati in February of 2017 with the goal of providing a nice citrusy pale ale that remains easy drinking and “sessionable” for drinkers.  I’m happy to tell you that the beer hits its goal with finesse and flavor, and is a great reminder that Christian Moerlein is taking no prisoners in its quest to keep making great beer that straddles the line between the past and the future here in Cincinnati.

The can itself is a great throwback to a light pilsner that Hudepohl put out in the 80s that was called Pace.  This “reduced alcohol” beer might not have been anything that craft beer drinkers of today would get excited about, but the nostalgia that is behind the subtle nod is appreciated by the big time geeks like me.  I’m happy that they gave the beer a nod, but even happier that it strays as far away from the flavor as possible.

My Thoughts On Christian Moerlein Pacer

The beer is a light orange color, maybe some light copper notes.  The thin, off white, head settles in quickly and hangs around as a thin white foamy ring for the remainder of the beer.

Aromas punch your nose with bright grapefruit citrus notes… this doesn’t disguise itself with a ton of malt profile, it’s about the hops, and they really shine in this before you even get the glass to your lips.

When you do taste the beer, though, you’re graced with a citrusy whallop that leaves this sessionable, but full flavored.  It’s a beer to be drank with friends – over and over.  It’s name makes so much sense after you see how “drinkable” it is.  It may be a nod to the Pace from the 80s, but this is a session beer for modern drinkers 100%. The perfect blending of the Hudepohl of then and the Christian Moerlein of today.  Well done on all fronts, branding, and the beer.



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