Happy 3rd Anniversary, Paradise Brewing!

They don’t get the fanfare that a lot of other “flashier” local breweries do, but Paradise Brewing out in Anderson is doing some really awesome stuff.  They’ve recently undergone some fantastic growth in their small taproom, with a brewhouse moving up from an extremely small 10 gallon nano system, to a not-so-small, nano-ish 5bbl brewhouse.

The taproom itself has been changed as well, with the bar undergoing a complete facelift, and the taproom getting some much needed “comfort” upgrades.  In short, Paradise is doubling down on the fact that there are a lot of us here in Cincinnati that don’t just want to brew our own beer (they are also a homebrew supply store) and making a lot more beer for us to sit and enjoy.

Happy Anniversary

It seems hard to believe that March first will mark 3 years since the taproom opened at Paradise, but it’s true.  They’re celebrating the event (and in my mind all the changes in the taproom too) by throwing a great little shin-dig.  Think of it as a Happy Hour Anniversary Party.  All day long they’re offering up $1 off any pint, and $.50 off any taster you buy.

Also, if you wanna snag a growler or howler to share with any of your lame friends who haven’t tried Paradise beer yet, they’re throwing in $1 off fills as well.

As if all that’s not enough, they’re discounting Paradise shirts by $5, and even throwing in 10% off anything in stock in the supply store.

There will be food… there will be beer… it’s a perfect excuse to get out on a Wednesday and have a beer at one of Cincy beer’s hidden gems of a taproom.

Why You Need To Go

It’s not just about fun discounts.

Cincinnati has a thriving beer scene, with a ton of really special taprooms, all with different personalities and feeling from each other.  There really is somewhere for every beer drinker to call home.  Our community is full of some of the most spectacular, genuine, nice people that you’ll ever meet, and Paradise is right there on the top of the list for me.  They’re making some of the most under appreciated beer around town, and if you’re missing out on what they’re doing, you’re giving yourself the short end of the beer stick.

Sure, as they continue to grow you’ll start seeing their beer around town at more and more places – but there is little that compares to pulling up a stool at a bar with the person that made your beer, and shooting the shit.  It gets harder and harder as taprooms get busier and more popular to have that experience.

Go to Paradise and have that experience.

The event is Wednesday, March 1st.  The taproom opens at 11am, and stays open all day until 8pm.



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