A New Look For MadTree’s Cans

With MadTree 2.0 comes a lot of refreshing, changing and reinventing for MadTree.  They are doing things in bigger and better ways than they were ever be able to do before when they were limited by their space at MadTree 1.0.  Part of what is coming along looks like a nice refresh for their packaging as well, where a new brighter, cleaner and bolder design will give their cans a new life along with a new home in Oakley.

Don’t think that this is a branding change, or anything major… because it’s not.  It’s a close enough change that if you don’t look at them side by side you may not even notice – but when you do look at them side by side, it gives me a lot of appreciation for the refresh… and I look forward to seeing it on shelves!

The text descriptions of each beer are now gone, replaced by more negative space. It reinforces the fact that the can color represents what’s inside the can as much as the text and artwork that adorns the cans might.  That’s not to say thought that the artwork itself is taking a backseat, instead it now get’s showcased a little bit more than it did before – with less on the can front to distract the eye, the artwork really pops for me.


If you’re not familiar with MadTree’s core Kolsch beer… you’re either crazy or living under a rock.  It’s light, refreshing, easy drinking and perfect for summer time.  Kolsch is one of those under appreciated styles that can hook you pretty easy when you start digging in, and Lift is one of my go-to’s around town when I’m looking for one to throw in my fridge.

Happy Amber

This was the first recipe that was brewed back before MadTree opened their doors, and it was the first recipe brewed at 2.0 earlier this year as well.  Needless to say, it’s a recipe that holds a special place to MadTree.  Now, the beer’s happy little tree logo gets a refreshed bright canvas to shine for years to come.


Regardless of how many people you talk to that will tell you that they don’t care about IPAs anymore – it’s still the most popular style of beer in this country, and Cincinnati is no exception.  MadTree’s version is a great one to fall in love with, and the can artwork is some of my favorite – I love the inkblot on the label, and it’s become synonymous with the beer, instantaneously recognizable to anyone who knows this delicious IPA.


You might have noticed this one on the shelf already, and if you’ve been looking close, you might have also noticed that it’s the first of their cans to see the new “refresh”.  This summer seasonal Gose has become a staple around swimming pools and grills all around town.

So… When, Then?

Like I mentioned about Shade… they’ve already started appearing on shelves (with that one at least).  You might start seeing Psychopathy soon, as it’s the next one up to get the change – and then slowly the others will roll out as well over the coming months.  The advantage of a slight refresh like this is that it doesn’t look out of place if you take your time refreshing them one by one.  In fact – when you go back and look at some of the more recent seasonal and special can releases from MadTree, they’ve obviously been planning this refresh for a while, and the newer releases all fit the new design scheme other than the old one.

Keep your eyes peeled, and collectors take notice!



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