Urban Artifact – Gaslight

Brewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Gaslight
Style – Tart NE DIPA
ABV – 8.1% ABV
PH – 3.7

From Cincinnati to London, gaslights lit our city streets and buildings up at night.  This Fresh Hop Tart DIPA uses 100% Ohio ingredients including hops from Ohio Valley Hops and 4,000 lbs of Haus Malts grain.

Ingredients play a massive role in the end result of a beer, and Urban Artifact loves to play with them to showcase the terroir of where a beer comes from.  This beer takes it all to a whole new level.  It utilizes the same house strains that the brewery loves playing with, and then kicks that up another notch or two with local malt and hops as well.

The end result?  A beer that showcases not only what a NE IPA can be, but how hops and tart flavors can play alongside each other as well.  I wasn’t sold on the tart, hoppy description – but once I tasted it, I couldn’t get enough of this!

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Gaslight

This beer looks just like any hazy NE IPA would look like in a glass today, except that as soon as you get close to the hazy orange/golden glass of beer you can smell the tropical and fruity aromas mixed with something a little… different.  Something just seems a hair off, and it’s hard to place what that is unless you are already aware that this is a sour beer.

The taste starts out with that tropical fruit flavor, and is then punched aside by a brisk tart knock of flavor.  The taste is a delicate balance between the tart mouthfeel and the fresh hop punch.  It’s done well, and certainly makes me excited to think of what that might mean for beers from these guys in the future!



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