Urban Artifact Glimmer

Brewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Glimmer
Style – Tart IPA
ABV – 7.5%
IBUs – 40
PH – 3.7

Glimmer Tart IPA is a tart IPA brewed with Ohio-grown and malted barley from Rustic Brew Farm. Brewed with a blend of Mosaic, Pilgrim, and Triskel at a rate of 55 lbs. per 30 BBL batch. Tart. Citrine. Tropical.

During WWI, gas was rationed in Ireland. Cities had inspectors known as Glimmer Men tasked with policing its usage for heat or light. Find your light – share a Glimmer.

What a fun addition to the Urban Artifact lineup.  For a brewery who is making a big name for themselves with their Midwest Fruit Tart Ales and their barrel aged series, it’s fun to have a beer that’s a little bit closer to something “normal”.

Don’t make any mistake about Glimmer, though… it’s not a regular IPA.  Hiding behind a hopping of Mosaic, Pilgrim and Triskel hops, the firs step from Urban Artifact was to use locally sourced malt from Rustic Brew Farm. They weren’t done with that unique part of the beer, though.  Much like everything you’ll find at Urban, they used their house Lacto strain to take the already citrusy character of this beer and pushed it to another level.

The beer was first released on November 14th, 2017 and has since quickly made it’s way onto the year round release list for the brewery.

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Glimmer

This pours bright orange to light copper in the glass, with a thick, sticky white head on top.

Aromas are punchy citrus.  I get a lot of lemon and lime with some piney, herbal aromas too.

The taste is awesome.  I would love to try this not knowing what it was ahead of time.  It’s like an IPA turned up to a weird new level.  The lactic tartness punches the citrusy hop flavors up to a new level.  Fantastic.  This is an amazing beer, and easily one of my favorite Tart IPAs that I’ve ever tried (maybe, possibly even number 1)



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