Urban Artifact Chariot

Brewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Chariot
Style – Cherry Gose
ABV – 4.7%
PH – 3.4

Chariots were the standard mode of transportation for much of ancient Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.  Used by armies, as taxis, and to move farm equipment, they helped build civilization.  Compliment your history with a Chariot.

A gose brewed with 1,500 lbs of fresh tart cherries, 9 lbs of sea salt 60g of vanilla beans, and 1.25 lbs of coriander per 30bbl batch.

This beer is a great compliment to the rest of Urban Artifact’s seasonal series of Goses.  It sits alongside Pinwheel, Keypunch, Pickle and Sliderule.

This was first put into cans in the fall of 2017, and is a fantastic showcase of how to use cherries in a beer without it becoming too medicinal.  Since Urban Artifact is known for using fresh fruit in their beers, they also like to let you know exactly how much fruit goes into each batch to get the flavor profile that you experience… and this one uses nearly a ton of fruit to do what it does so well.

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Chariot

Bright pink in the glass, with a thin light pink head on top.  The beer has aromas of tart cherries and a touch of breadiness.

The taste is very “pie like”, I get the blast of sour cherry and some citrus fruit followed up by a really tasty touch of bread that gives it that pie character.  This is definitely a great warm weather drinker, but as the weather starts cooling down, the cherry sits really well with a chilly evening too.

Amazing example of the fruited sours that Urban Artifact do so well!



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