Swine City Announces An Opening Date

If you’ve been following this Fairfield brewery for the seemingly very long time that they’ve been planning, then this is going to be really exciting news for you.  If you have no idea who I’m talking about when I mention Swine City, then it should still be pretty good news… we’ve got a new brewery scheduled (they will most likely be the first one to open in 2018 in Greater Cincinnati).

About Swine City

Swine city has long been the project of Fairfield resident Dan Ebben, who when looking for a location to open up his brewery, didn’t have to stray too far from his home to find the city of Fairfield in desperate need of just that.  Along the way there were definitely some hurdles for him to overcome, with some partners onboard, and a head brewer (Justin Chaney) to make sure that the work gets done… things have kicked into full speed overdrive in the last year.

The brewery itself will be on the Northern side of the city, right off of Route 4 on Industry drive.  The location is a fun one, while the inside may be your typical industrial brewery, the outside is really something with some fun potential.  The location sits on a 1.6 acre lot, with a 2600 square foot patio.  They are destined to host some really killer events (think a food truck rally, movie nights, music festivals… the ideas are endless.

Inside, the building is 5000 square feet, housing a 10bbl brewhouse that will be putting out a nice variety of styles to match up with the already beer centric palates that make up the Butler county audience that will likely be flocking to fill the taproom.

The brewery isn’t going to rest with just some really amazing beers, though.  They’ve got plans in place to roll out some ciders and wines in the very short-term (Dan got his start in home brewing with wine… there’s a fun story there actually…) so if you’ve got friends and family who don’t fancy themselves beer drinkers, you don’t have to disown them quite yet, they’ll be happy.

The Opening

Details are still coming forth from the brewery, but we know that they’be got a date in ‘Black and White’ now.  You can mark those calendars for January 27th, 2018!



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