MadTree Meets Coffee With Local Blend Release

I think that while we might not all be able to agree with me that coffee and beer might go together even better than coffee and cream do – we can definitely all get on the same page that they are delicious when they meet each other in the right ways.  It’s one of the main reasons that this latest project from MadTree has me so excited… because it’s damn good.

We touched on this just a tad when I was last out at MadTree for an episode of the Brewcast (You should listen to that one, by the way) But now that we’re getting closer to it happening, I thought it might be time to dig in a little deeper and share with you what we know about what MadTree has called “Local Blend”.  Simply put, this is a new beer – a porter with lactose that gets a healthy dose of coffee.  But if you know MadTree, you know there’s more too it when you dive in… so let’s do that.

About The Project

Local Blend, like I mentioned is a porter with lactose and coffee.  The beer itself clocks in at 6% ABV, and I’m sure the base is pretty amazing by itself… but add in some amazing coffee and you get something really special.  The beer is built to lift the coffee up on it’s own and showcase the flavors of the roasted beans, letting them be the star, and shine brightly.  If you’ve been paying attention, you might have snagged a pint or two of a test batch in the taproom recently.

The brewery has teamed up with four different coffee roasters to use four unique blends in four different versions of the beer to showcase how each one can bring something distinctly different to the party.  (I’ll get to the four different beers in a minute).  Each of these will of course be on tap – but where this gets really cool (and plays on MadTree’s new love to push some innovative ideas in their packaging side of things) is the four packs.

Local Blend will be making it’s way into four packs of 12oz cans, with each can representing a different coffee roaster.  While the base beer remains the same, you’ll find all kinds of fun flavor differences from each can to the next due to the use of different coffees. 

The Beers

The labels for MadTree’s Local Blend Coffee Beer Four Pack.  Set for release on January 7th, 2019.

These beers represent different roasters, different cities and different flavors:

  • Local Blend, Dayton – Boston Stoker
  • Local Blend, Cleveland – Phoenix Coffee Co.
  • Local Blend, Cincinnati – Deeper Roots Coffee Co.
  • Local Blend, Columbus – Stauf’s Coffee Co.

Every can pays homage to the city of origin with line artwork depicting that city’s skyline.  It’s a fun collaboration that shows MadTree reaching out into the communities that they call home and finding new ways to build different parts of that community to collaborate with and create a unique showcase of what they’re doing.

The Release

We’re still a ways out from seeing these hit shelves.  The release right now is set for early January (look for it around the 7th) – and the four packs are going to retail for $11.99.  I don’t have specific details but I’m fairly certain that this will see fairly wide distribution to get the beers into each of the markets that MadTree collaborated with (that only makes sense).

From what I have heard from the brewery, they’re also prepping some really cool events in their taproom that surround each coffee roaster’s home market around that release time, too – so keep your eyes and ears peeled and pointed at MadTree’s social media channels.

Stay tuned for more!!

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