Volume 5, Episode 7 – Michael D Morgan And His New Book, Cincinnati Beer

It goes without saying that Cincinnati’s beer history is long, and full of great stories. The story of what makes Cincinnati Beer so incredible has been put to paper a few times very well – but none have done it in quite as much detail as Michael D Morgan has in his new book ‘Cincinnati Beer’ – which is why I thought he’d be an incredible guest for this week’s episode

We highlight a few of the stories in the book – and explore what makes this city’s history so fun (and difficult) to dive into. We drink a few beers along the way and talk about what things look like in craft beer today vs what they looked like pre-prohibition. Are things really that different after all?

Guests This Week

  • Michael D Morgan – Author
  • Andy Foltz – Guest Co-Host

From The Beer Fridge

  • Fretboard – Trey
  • West Side – Common Ale
  • MadTree – Psychopathy

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