It Isn’t Seltzer, It Isn’t Beer… Canned Sparking Spirits From Karrikin

I have tried to tell you that the folks at Karrikin have some big things planned, and I hope that you’re starting to understand that it isn’t just a reference to the size of their operation. From releasing a Baiju (we’re going to have to talk about that soon…) to this latest news of Sparking Spirits – they’re pushing into new areas that we haven’t seen before in Cincinnati – and it’s insanely fun.

The Cans

If you’ve been looking for an easy solution to drink something from Karrikin around the pool this summer, this is going to be right up your alley. The distillery just released three new canned products that are going to be amazing for the places you can’t always take glass, or bottles at all.

The three cans are:

  • Keylime – with Blaze Agave
  • Blueberry – with Base Vodka
  • Hoptonic – with Emerge Gin

While so far I have only tried the Keylime – I can 100% tell you that it’s delicious, and gives me full confidence in the other two flavors. You can bet that as soon as I get a hold of the other two and a chance to take a deeper dive into them, I will be doing just that for you.

Something Different

When Karrikin opened, they talked a lot about flavors, and pushing boundaries not just in that realm, but in how it’s presented to us (the drinkers). It’s easy to look at statements like that and assume that it’s just marketing “fluff” – but I think we’re starting to get a really good look at just what it means. Jeff Hunt (one of the founders of both MadTree and now Karrikin) made it a point to talk in the press release for these cans that the distillery has a deep love for crafting new things. Karrikin gives them the ability to “expand and grow new craft beverage categories as well as diversify and mature in that creative process”.

I’m thrilled not just with these three cans, but with the possibilities that they bring with them. These aren’t sodas, they aren’t seltzers, and they definitively aren’t beers – this is something completely different and really, really fun.



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