They squeezed their first bottle release in under the one year mark, but I’m guessing that Brink isn’t done with that.  You can be assured that Brink Beer will be gracing the shelves in your beer fridge and your beer cellar for a long time coming!  Their first release was of their Imperial Stout, called Armored Heart, but it wouldn’t surprise me if within the next year we saw cans of one of their crowd pleasing NE IPAs hitting the line – maybe we’ll even see their award winning English Mild at some point?  A Gnome can hope!

12oz Bottles

  • Street Corner Karate – Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged
  • Street Corner Karate – Knob Creek Barrel Aged
  • Street Corner Karate With Coffee and Vanilla
  • Street Corner Karate With Raspberry and White Chocolate
  • Barrel Thieves & Hired Guns – Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged
  • Barrel Thieves & Hired Guns With Coffee and Vanilla
  • Barrel Thieves & Hired Guns with Oranges and Chocolate

22oz Bottles