It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see FigLeaf beer in packaging.  The brewery made it pretty clear before they even opened that huge part of their business plan was to do whatever they could to get their beer into the hands of both Cincinnati and Dayton beer drinkers.  It’s no easy task bridging the gap between two beer communities the way they plan to.

Their first packaged releases were their cans, but their bottle series kicked off in beautiful fashion with their two first barrel aged beers (Anniversary One and Barrel Aged Black Solstice on Black Friday 2017).  Since the kickoff of packaging, they’ve also green lighted a series of bottles that are more “regular releases” making packaging much more quickly adaptable then lining up a mobile canner (until they can get their own canning line!).

Because of their dedicated to not just taproom and distribution draft sales, we can finally get FigLeaf beer on the shelves of our favorite beer stores all across the region (and the state thanks to their partnership with Cavalier distributing).

Can Series

Bottle Series

  • Hook – Craft Lager
  • Inculpatory – American IPA
  • ISO-Hazy – NE Style IPA

Barrel Aged Bottle Series