The first brewery in Ohio to put craft beer in cans… it’s a badge of honor for MadTree for sure.  Since opening they have steadily rolled out their core line as well as a bevy of seasonal and special releases.  They have even started a bottle series called ‘The Trunk Series’ that has local beer fans clamoring to get each one as it’s released in the taproom, that goes along with their “Funk Series” which is their sour program.  No matter how you put it…or what your poison is, there’s a packaged MadTree beer to keep you happy!

The Core Lineup of MadTree Beer

Seasonal Releases

Limited Releases

Released throughout the year, on a random basis, these are regular beers, but you never know when you’ll see them!

The Trunk Series

These are limited releases, we’ve seen a couple of them re-released, but not on a regular basis… it’s all in the hands of the barrels.  Keep your eyes peeled!

The Funk Series

Again…very limited releases, these are in the hands of the barrels and the bacteria, released only when they’re able to be!

Sensorium Series

  • Heroes – Double Dry Hopped Unfiltered IPA
  • Historians – Berliner Weisse
  • Lovers – Double Dry Hopped Unfilterd IPA
  • Orators – Double Dry Hopped Unfiltered IPA
  • Poets – Berliner Weisse
  • Voyagers – Berliner Weisse

One Off Taproom Cans

  • Mad Pils – Pilsner

Collaboration Beers

  • Cincinnati Beer Week 2015, Black Tart
  • Hortense – Saison (with the Cincinnati Flower Show)
  • Lupulin Effect (With Fatheads)
  • MadCraft Nucleus – Braggot (with Crafted Artisan Meadery)
  • OhMi – Gin and Tonic inspired Collab (With Shorts)
  • Phone a Friend (With Jackalope)
  • Under My Plum – Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine (with Quaff Brothers)

Retired Can Releases

These are no longer packaged anymore, for various reasons.  You can still find them on tap at different times… just not on the shelf.