There are four different sides to the Rivertown packaged beer “family” – You’ve got the normal core lineup of offerings… these are the things you’ll find on the shelf all year round.  Sitting right next to those are the seasonal offerings.  So far you’re with me, right?

The next part though, what they call the “Liquid Ingenuity Series” is where things can get pretty fun.  The brewery lets it’s brew-team really go nuts with the series, the person who comes up with a beer is left in charge of it all… from the recipe to the branding, everything.  You never know what you’ll find out of that series – except that it’s going to be good!

Then… for the fourth side of what Rivertown’s packaged beer looks like, you can turn your head over to the barrels.Rivertown hangs it’s hat on a line of superb traditional soured offerings with some really fantastic stuff that was absolutely unheard of in Cincinnati when they started doing it… This is good stuff!

Core Line-Up

Limited Line-Up

Barrel House Batches

These limited release batches of cans are unique, one off batches, and you never know what they’re going to release!

The Liquid Ingenuity Series

100% Brett Series

  • Brett T-Shirt Contest
  • Night Marcher

Barrel Aged Line

Collaboration Beers

  • Amberdextrous (With Quaff Brothers)
  • Badonkafunk (With Quaff Brothers)
  • Cincinnati Beer Week 2013 (Embree’s Northern Dark)
  • Hop Flood (With Quaff Brothers)

Retired Packaging