Fifty West Ocean City Gose

Brewery – Fifty West Beer – Ocean City Gose Style – Gose ABV – 4.7% IBUs – 16 Pouring a pink hue due to the addition of hibiscus, this strawberry rhubarb gose has a small amount of sea salt creating a refreshing balance between the acidity and fruity sweetness leading to a clean, dry finish.

Fifty West Going Plaid

Brewery – Fifty West Beer – Going Plaid Style – Scotch Ale ABV – 8.5% IBUs – 23 Fermented at a cooler temperature to ensure a smoother brew, this GABF award winning Scotch Ale pours a dark honey color.  Expect a fruity apple and pear aroma followed by a malt-forward flavor of juicy fresh plums.

Fifty West Tripa

Brewery – Fifty West Beer – Tripa Style – Triple IPA ABV – 11% IBUs – 420 (hahaha) There are no subtle tasting notes in this beer, only power chords that shred all taste buds in it’s way, leaving in it’s wake a piny itch to drink more of that dank-ass hop nectar. This was

Fifty West Coast To Coast

Brewery- Fifty West Beer- Coast To Coast Style- IPA ABV- 6.8% IBU- 70 Named after Route 50, which spans the US from coast to coast. This American-style IPA seeks to blend the fruity and balanced attributes of an East Coast IPA with the dank, resin characteristics of the West Coast style. This IPA is sort of named

Fifty West Doom Pedal

Brewery- Fifty West Beer- Doom Pedal Style- Wit ABV- 5.5% IBU- 20 Pouring a hazy, light orange color, this unfiltered Wheat Ale is brewed with coriander, orange peel, and grains of paradise. Expect a masterfully blended combination of mildly spicy notes and crisp, sweet, citrus flavors, which come together to create a full, flavorful brew with a

Fifty West State Lines Lager

Brewery- Fifty West Beer- State Lines Lager Style- Pale Lager ABV- 4.3% IBUs- 16 Finally, a light bodied lager that doesn’t skimp on the flavor.  This clean, refreshing take on the lager style masterfully blends noble hops with malt sweetness to create a crisp, thirst quenching brew that perfect for drinking in the hot summer sun. You

Fifty West Punch You In The Eye PA

Brewery- Fifty West Beer- Punch You In The Eye PA Style- IPA ABV- 9.2% IBUs- 100 Ever been punched in the face with a fist full of hops?  Well pucker up, because at 100 IBUs you’re about to take one straight to the kisser.  Weighing in at 9.2% ABV, this brew isn’t a love tap, it’s a

Fifty West Rainbow Road

Brewery- Fifty West Beer- Rainbow Road ABV- 3.8% IBU- 42 This easy-drinking hopped-up session IPA may be light in color but is packed full of lemony herbal notes and subtle strawberry flavors derived from Lemondrop and Azacca hops. Expect a dry, crisp finish that will leave you wanting another…and another. It’s amazing to see how a

Fifty West Penny’s Pilsner

Brewery- Fifty West Beer- Penny’s Pilsner ABV- 5.6% IBU- 40 Named after our dear and deceased VW bus, Penny Lane, this true-to-style German Pilsner is exceptionally approachable.  Clean, crisp, and golden in color, expect a great brew with a light floral aroma and a refreshing taste. Let’s show some respect to a style that “big beer” has