Christian Moerlein Spacetime

Brewery – Christian Moerlein/ Maisel and Friends Beer – Spacetime Style – Hoppy Wheat Ale ABV – 5.7% IBUs – 29 Transcend time and space with a Christian Moerlein and Maisel & Friends collaboration, Spacetime Hoppy Wheat Ale.  The legacy of Cincinnati Beer Baron Christian Moerlein is celebrated from 19th century beginnings as a brewer

Christian Moerlein Pacer

Brewery – Christian Moerlein Beer – Pacer Style – Pale Ale ABV – 5% IBUs – 40 Pacer packs an explosive punch of citrus aromatics and tropical fruit flavors backed by an easy-drinking pale body. Slight herbal notes are complemented by a burst of grapefruit and melon from an abundant dry-hopping of Citra hops, creating

Christian Moerlein Das Uber Lager

Brewery- Christian Moerlein Beer- Das Uber Lager Style- Oktoberfest ABV- 5.2% IBU- 20 There’s only one spot in the world that does it right outside of Germany – and it’s right here in Cincinnati.  Christian Moerlein’s new Oktoberfest Wiesn Lager is made to celebrate all things Oktoberfest.  We’re proud to hoist a stein of our delicious golden

Christian Moerlein Lager House Helles

Brewery – Christian Moerlein Beer – Lager House Helles Style – Helles Lager ABV – 5.2% IBU – 19 You’ve made a discovery – a Golden Helles from the original Lager House build by Christian Moerlein in Cincinnati’s Brewery District over 150 years ago. Today, Moerlein Lager House is brewed to the same standards that

Christian Moerlein Schutzenfest Kolsch

Brewery- Christian Moerlein Beer- Schutzenfest Kolsch Style- Kolsch ABV- 5.2% IBU- 25 Introducing Moerlein Schutzenfest – a Kolsch style ale celebrating camaraderie, tradition and brew.  With its roots in the fifteenth century European legend of the marksman sacrificing an eagle to save a child’s life, the Schutzenfest became a popular German festival.  It was imported to

Christian Moerlein Purity Pilsner

Brewery- Christian Moerlein Beer- Punity Style- Pilsner ABV- 5.5% IBU- 40 Reinheitsgebot! It’s the law, the German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Nothing but malt, hops, yeast, and water. Christian Moerlein was the first American beer to certifiably pass the German Purity Law known as Reinheitsgebot. Today, Moerlein Purity Pils is brewed to these standards –

Christian Moerlein Third Wave IPA

Brewery- Christian Moerlein Beer- Third Wave Style: IPA ABV- 6.2% IBU- 65 Christian Moerlein established his brewery in Cincinnati’s Over-a The-Rhine Brewery district in 1853.  Next, in 1981 Hudepohl Brewing Company introduces Christian Moerlein as one of the pioneer craft beers of today’s craft beer movement.  Today we bring you Third Wave IPA – an aggressively

Christian Moerlein Barbarossa

Brewery- Christian Moerlein Beer- Barbarossa ABV- 5.2%   You’ve made a discovery – a Dark Lager honoring Frederick I, Emperor of Germany, known as Barbarossa. Folklore says he never died…instead he sits enchanted in a cavern until the ravens cease to fly, signaling for his triumphant return.  Moerlein Barbarossa is slow-aged with a deep reddish-brown color and

Christian Moerlein Plum Street Wheat

Brewery- Christian Moerlein Beer- Plum Street Wheat ABV- 4.5% IBU- 10 Plum St. Wheat is a crisp, tart ale, made with real plum fruit for a unique, provocative flavor. Made for the creative thinker, this sessionable beer features an innovative mix of malt and fruit for an approachable but intriguingly zesty finish. I’m always up for a