DogBerry Barrel Aged DogAvon

Brewery – DogBerryBeer – DogAvonStyle – Barrel Aged BarleywineABV – 13% This bottle contains 12ounces of our DogAvon Barleywine that has been aged in a combination of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvingnon red wine barrels of French and American Oak. The Dog is brewed only once a year. A small amount of our 2017 vintage

Join The DogBerry Mug Club

Things are moving along at the new DogBerry location in West Chester, and fans of the soon to be not-so-nano brewery are clamoring for more.  The brewery has decided to put out a Mug Club program for their loyal drinking fans (something that they should have done a long time ago).  The program is clearly designed

DogBerry is Tapping Valor #71 Collaboration

Beer is about something much bigger that what goes into the glass when you belly up to a bar.  If there is anything that sums up why I do this blogging thing, I think that’s probably it.  This big picture of why the craft beer industry is so different than anything else that I’ve ever

Fill The Kettles With DogBerry

DogBerry is one of this city’s smallest brewery’s… but being a nano-brewery doesn’t mean you can’t try to do big things for other people, and they are most definitely doing that in their less than a year existence.  This winter, in addition to kicking off another day of taproom hours (They are now open on