Fifty West Ocean City Gose

Brewery – Fifty West Beer – Ocean City Gose Style – Gose ABV – 4.7% IBUs – 16 Pouring a pink hue due to the addition of hibiscus, this strawberry rhubarb gose has a small amount of sea salt creating a refreshing balance between the acidity and fruity sweetness leading to a clean, dry finish.

Fifty West Going Plaid

Brewery – Fifty West Beer – Going Plaid Style – Scotch Ale ABV – 8.5% IBUs – 23 Fermented at a cooler temperature to ensure a smoother brew, this GABF award winning Scotch Ale pours a dark honey color.  Expect a fruity apple and pear aroma followed by a malt-forward flavor of juicy fresh plums.

Fifty West Medals Big… Again!

The next time you stop by Fifty West, be sure to offer up your congratulations to their brew team for their most recent accolade.  The brewery walked away from this years Great American Beer festival in Denver with Cincinnati’s only award.  They came out of the Scotch Ale category which had 76 entries with a

Fifty West Tripa

Brewery – Fifty West Beer – Tripa Style – Triple IPA ABV – 11% IBUs – 420 (hahaha) There are no subtle tasting notes in this beer, only power chords that shred all taste buds in it’s way, leaving in it’s wake a piny itch to drink more of that dank-ass hop nectar. This was