Great Crescent Celebrates 9 Years

There aren’t a lot of craft breweries here in Greater Cincinnati that can claim to have been chugging along for 9 years.  Great Crescent is putting themselves on that list alongside Rock Bottom, Hofbrauhaus, Mt. Carmel and Listermann this month, and they’re throwing a celebration with some great beers to mark it. If you haven’t

Great Crescent IN Orbit – Happy Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Great Crescent Brewing has been around for 9 years… and it’s hard to believe that they still manage to fly under the radar for so many craft beer drinkers here in Greater Cincinnati, but they have… and they do.  The brewery is the fifth oldest in town, behind Rockbottom, Hofbrauhaus,

Be Gnarly, Drink Local.

If you know me…or if you know this blog, you’re familiar with my “Be Gnarly, Drink Local” motto.  I can’t claim to only drink local beer…there is still some other craft beer and even a macro or two that passes my lips from time to time, but I am drinking more local now than I

Great Crescent Dark Lager

Brewery- Great Crescent Beer- Dark Lager ABV- 5.7% IBU- 23 Great Crescent Dark Lager is a present day interpretation of a beer identified as the first commercial beer in Indiana. A blend of North American malts and hops creates a rich and roasty flavor profile. This is an all American brew showcasing Cluster hops; the original American

Great Crescent Cherry Ale

Brewery- Great Crescent Beer- Cherry Ale (French Farmhouse Style Ale Fermented With Cherries) ABV- 5.8% IBU- 19 French farmhouse ales are a traditional brew made to refresh farm workers during the harvest in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. This 2014 Summer Seasonal from Great Crescent Brewery is crafted in the same French-farm tradition. Then we add

Great Crescent Belgian Dubbel

Brewery- Great Crescent Beer- Belgian Style Dubbel ABV- 7% IBU- 22 Great Crescent Belgian-Style Dubbel has a rich malty sweetness with hints of caramel and spice – typical flavors of the yeast strain we use, originating from the Wallonia region of Belgium.  We use local honey instead of the traditional Belgian candy sugar, which lightens the body. This