Mt. Carmel Take Home IPA

Brewery – Mt. Carmel Brewing Beer – Take Home IPA Style – Session IPA ABV – 5.25% IBUs – 44 Introducing the newest beer in our portfolio, Take Home IPA.  This sessionable IPA boasts a trifecta of Northern Pacific Hops that deliver intense tropical flavors and aromas. It used to be that you didn’t see

Mt. Carmel’s New Session IPA

They’ve been pegged by a lot of people as “super traditional”, and slow to move on new beers, but we might be looking at a new era for the brewery that to many people represents the real start of this current wave of craft breweries in Cincinnati. They’re on the cusp of a big taproom

Mt. Carmel Hops and Wheat

Brewery – Mt Carmel Beer – Hops and Wheat Style – Hoppy Wheat ABV – 4.8% IBUs – 34 Bright, citrusy and hoppy, this wheat ale salutes the flavor of the American hop and gives way to a smooth refreshing finish. One thing that you can count on when it comes to Mt Carmel –

A New Mt. Carmel Beer?

I’ve got a message fired off for more information about this possible addition to the Mt. Carmel Brewing lineup, and I’ll update you on any more information as it comes in to me.  Keep in mind, with label approvals like this, there is no guarantee that we’re going to actually ever see it, or if

Mt. Carmel Wee Honey

Brewery – Quaff Brothers/ Mt. Carmel Beer – Wee Honey Style – Barrel Aged Scottish Ale With Honey ABV – 11.1% Wee Honey is a smooth 11.1% brew, a barrel aged Scottish strong ale with honey and pecans brewed at Mt. Carmel Brewing Company in collaboration with Quaff Bros. If you live in Cincinnati and

Who is the Clairvoyant from Mt. Carmel?

She’s the newest label approval, and maybe the next big bottle release that we’re going to see from the East Side brewery.  They’ve been putting out some really fantastic stuff in the last year with their taproom series of bottles (you should actually head over to this link and have a look-see at what you’ve

Mt. Carmel Harvest Ale

Brewery – Mt. Carmel Beer – Harvest Ale Style – ESB ABV – 5.8% IBUs – 55.6 Pay homage to the harvest with this smooth, full bodied, well-balanced ESB delivering a memorable dry hop finish. Pumpkin beers… I love you.  Oktoberfest lagers, you make my heart sing every fall.  There comes a point, though, that

Mt Carmel Oh My Darlin’ Saisontine

Brewery- Mt. Carmel Beer- Oh My Darlin’ Saisontine Style- Farmhouse/Saison with Clementines ABV- 7.1% Farmhouse brewery, Farmhouse ale, It had to happen eventually. Introducing our Saisontine. We started with a heavy dose of big, fruit forward American hops, combined with traditional barley, wheat and saison yeast. Then we pushed it over the top with the