It’s Coming… Nine Giant is Awakening!

They’ve been testing us on Facebook relentlessly for what seems like years at this point, but it’s finally official – Nine Giant is opening their doors (and their windows for that matter) to the public in June. You can safely mark your calendar for the 25th, and as more details are released, I’ll be sure

Cincy Brewcast Episode 51

Cincy Brewcast 51 was a unique attempt for us… we found ourselves setting up shop in Pleasant Ridge’s Overlook Lodge to talk to owner Jacob Trevnio as well as some old friends of the show Mike Albarella and Brandon Hughes about their upcoming Nine Giant Brewing. We took the chance to try some of the

New Brewery in Pleasant Ridge

Bear with me if you’ve heard this already, as Jesse Folk had a great post already about the upcoming Nine Giant Brewing.  This is all going to be a re-hash of what has already been written.  This one has been fun, in that it sort of snuck up on a lot of people, with word