All About The Old Firehouse Brewery

What Makes The Old Firehouse Special? Williamsburg is a small village East of the city that is home to about 2,500 people the last time I counted… it’s situated about 30 miles outside of downtown and isn’t really all that close to any other breweries (Mt. Carmel is it’s closest neighboring brewery at 15 miles away).

Thirsty For History?

If you’ve never been to the Promont museum in Milford, Ohio you’re missing out.  The museum is located in the historic Promont mansion, high atop a hill overlooking Milford, and is a great place to spend an afternoon.  If you’re here, though… Chances are you’re a fan of beer, which is why I’m going to

Old Firehouse PinUp Girl Blonde

Brewery- The Old Firehouse Beer- Pin Up Girl Style- Blonde Ale ABV- 5% IBU- 15 An easy drinking, slightly malty, traditional American blonde ale, with a slightly fruity clean finish. Brewed with a malt blend of 2-row, munich, aromatic, carapils, and crystal 20 along with a hop blend of warrior, goldings and willamette.   Let’s try not

Old Firehouse Code 3

Brewery- The Old Firehouse Beer- Code 3 ABV- 5.2% IBU- 18 A well balanced, decidedly delicious, malt forward copper color red ale, with a dry roasted finish. Brewed with primary base malt maris otter, along with select malts crystal 120, crystal 40, munich, chocolate and roasted barley along with a hop blend of warrior, uk progress

Old Firehouse Flashpoint IPA

Brewery- The Old Firehouse Beer- Flashpoint Style – IPA ABV- 6.7% IBU- 72 A Midwest style, with tropical fruit aromas and a delectable hop body producing a slightly sweet finish. Brewed with a malt blend of 2-row, crystal 40, crystal 20, aromatic, and carapils, along with a blend of warrior, belma, falconer’s flight and zythos hops. What