Updates from The Old Firehouse

Big News! If you missed it, last week was Cincinnati Beer Week (That was sarcastic, because there were so many events that I think even wine drinkers were aware of beer week this year. It was a week of amazing insanity.) On Thursday night The Old Firehouse was out at Jungle Jim’s Fairfield for what I think turned

Old Firehouse Distribution Deal!

Lest anyone need to keep whining that The Old Firehouse Brewery out in Williamsburg is just too far to drive (it’s not…).  There are soon to be far less reasons to have not tried their beers. The brewery has finalized a deal with Cincinnati-based distribution company ‘Cavalier’ to have their wonderful brews spread around Hamilton,

All About The Old Firehouse Brewery

What Makes The Old Firehouse Special? Williamsburg is a small village East of the city that is home to about 2,500 people the last time I counted… it’s situated about 30 miles outside of downtown and isn’t really all that close to any other breweries (Mt. Carmel is it’s closest neighboring brewery at 15 miles away).