A Paradise Bottle Release

If you missed the first bottle release from Paradise Brewing I feel terrible.  I mean, it’s not completely my fault.  After all, I did tell you that Wrath of the Tsar was worth your hard-earned time and money for a lot of reasons that didn’t even touch the fun little hats that the bottles were

Paradise Wrath Of The Tsar

Brewery – Paradise Beer – Wrath of the Tsar Style – Russian Imperial Stout ABV – 10.5% Thank you for purchasing our first bottle release.  We know you will enjoy our smooth, dark, malty classic.  This is our Russian Imperial Stout, aged in locally sourced whiskey barrels for 6 months.  Serve at room temperature with

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Paradise Brewing!

They don’t get the fanfare that a lot of other “flashier” local breweries do, but Paradise Brewing out in Anderson is doing some really awesome stuff.  They’ve recently undergone some fantastic growth in their small taproom, with a brewhouse moving up from an extremely small 10 gallon nano system, to a not-so-small, nano-ish 5bbl brewhouse. The taproom

A Bad Tom Switch-Up

Let’s get it out of the way from the get-go… Bad Tom Smith has been the center of a lot of beer-geek controversy in the last year or two, and many drinkers would say that it’s for good reason.  They struggled with consistency issues, they struggled early on with some name and identity issues. But