A Day In The Upside Down Firkin Fest

Now that you’ve read all about Firkins from Craft Beer Joe (you got my hint there, right?  Go read it) I think it’s time you hear about an event that I’m taking place in, that you should probably not just be interested in, but start planning on attending for a beer or two. It all

Streetside #Blessed

Brewery – Streetside Beer – #Blessed Style – NE IPA ABV – 6.4% Bringing together a revelrous jubilee of sticky tropical aromatics of caramelized pineapple and pina colada’s with light dankness.  Finishing off with a silky mouthfeel and a creamy finish. Streetside’s #Blessed is a tiki lovers dream, but I’ll get to the actual experience

Streetside The Demogorgon

Brewery – Streetside Beer – The Demogorgon Style – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ABV – 13.1% Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill Barrels This beer is the result of taking the brewery’s “Where’s Barb?” Imperial Stout and stashing it away in heaven hill barrels for a while.  To keep rolling with the Stranger Things references,

Streetside – It’s Getting Prettier With A New Mural

First up… if you haven’t been over to Columbia Tusculum’s Streetside Brewing company lately… you’re missing out on some deliciousness.  What you’re also missing out on is watching the brewery start to take on it’s personality in a very outwardly visible way.  They’re in the process of getting their new mural on the side of

Streetside Suh, Brah

Brewery – Streetside Beer – Suh, Brah Style – NE IPA ABV – 6.7% Starting with an intense nose of stone fruit, grapefruit and light pineapple, the aroma is rounded out by the citrusy and piney notes from our double dry hop of Simcoe hops. The flavor leads with a soft pineapple/peach flavor, dank undertones