All About Taft’s Ale House

In 2011 things changed for the Old St Paul’s German Evangelical Protestant Church… it had been scheduled for demolition and was saved by 3CDC in an attempt to save the historic building that dates back to 1850. It wasn’t long after that the Brewer Kevin Moreland from Listermann/Triple Digit stepped in and decided the space would be

Santa’s Bribe Gets Label Approval

It’s never too early for Christmas presents – or to start thinking about Christmas beers I don’t think – when this rolled through my inbox a while back I just couldn’t hold back for too long.  This beer was really good last year and the thought of it making it’s way into cans got me

Tafts’ Ale House Gavel Banger

Brewery – Taft’s Brewing Company Beer – Gavel Banger Style – IPA ABV – 6% IBUs – 70 Taft, our honorable Gavel Banger, hands down his decision.  Juicy, hoppy justice for all! William Howard Taft was the 27th president, as well as the 10th Supreme Court Justice.  He’s the only dude that’s held both offices,

Taft’s Ale House 27 Lager

Brewery – Taft’s Ale House Beer – 27 Lager Style – Dortmunder/Export ABV – 5.3% IBUs – 22 Steadfast and steeped in tradition, 27 Lager finds beauty in simplicity. Crisp, golden and noble. Taft’s toyed with a few recipes for a while, trying to find a lager that would fill the place in their lineup