All About Cellar Dweller

Not only is Cellar Dweller one of the oldest breweries here in town, they have a unique feeling that is unlike any other brewery in the Greater Cincinnati area.  The brewery is in a winery, or more accurately in the basement of Valley Vineyards.  They got the idea to open up when they’d gather as a family and crack open a beer… from somewhere else.  They were making award winning wine, but had to get their beer from a different brewery and it didn’t make sense.

In the time since, they’ve not only been crafting great beer for their customers, and distributing a little bit out into Cincinnati and Dayton, but they’ve managed to turn out a few employees that have gone on to do some really great stuff around town leaving a Cellar Dweller stamp all over this beer scene.

What’s Cellar Dweller Like?

Cellar Dweller is inside a winery, and it feels like a winery.  They are still without a real ‘Taproom’, though their restaurant and small tasting room acts as one just fine.  The brewery itself is housed deep in the winery’s basement, which somehow feels perfect, regardless of their name.  It has a feel like a brewery that should be housed in some European village, not Morrow, Ohio.

If you want to really get what the experience can be like, go in the summer where you can spend an evening watching the sun set from their big patio with your friends and family over a nice dinner.

The Cellar Dweller Timeline

  • February, 2012 – The brewery opens on a small 1/2bbl system
  • 2013 – The brewery expands, and upgrades their brewhouse, adds 10bbl fermenters.
  • 2015 – The brewery first releases their packaging (you can view all of their packaging here)
  • 2017 – Cellar Dwellers founder and original brewer, Steve Shaw leaves, and they hire a new head brewer – C.J. Katsetos
  • December 2017 – The first cans from Cellar Dweller make their way onto shelves